mp3: Bukkweat Bill – Kawasaki Tires (prod. Djemba Djemba)

What first drew our attention to Florida native Bukkweat Bill wasn’t that he was saying and doing things that other rappers weren’t already doing but that he has an incredibly talent for saying lines that stick.  “Kawasaki Tires”, his latest collaboration with Djemba Djemba, has Bukkweat on a nonstop ride spitting some of his most memorable lines yet.  I honestly can’t think of many other rappers who are able to pull of genuinely funny punchlines while also being incredibly abrasive and explicit.  Bukkweat isn’t wasting any time either with the entire track just reaching over 2 minutes despite being packed with so much personality.  I can’t imagine Bukkweat is going to stay underground for much longer.


pkelly94mp3: Bukkweat Bill – Kawasaki Tires (prod. Djemba Djemba)
  • derpyderp

    just sounds like a bunch of liil wayne punchlines to me.

    • pkelly94

      let’s hope he doesn’t pick up a guitar…