mp3: Hollow Pigeons – ME N U (CHEMISTRY)

Having made us wait over half a year since his last song (which had also been released after a 6 month wait) I was honestly beginning to think that Hollow Pigeons was calling it quits way too early.  Whatever soul searching or growing up he’s gone through over the last 6 months it comes through in the mature “ME N U (CHEMISTRY)”.  Hollow Pigeons first caught our attention in the prime of genre-redefining sample-based electronic music and “ME N U” sounds like a bit of a throwback in the best way possible.  Taking a familiar Aaliyah sample, Hollow Pigeons constructs an emotive and powerful track that incorporates elements of UK garage and dubstep.  Describing it makes it sound like almost any track that could’ve been released on soundcloud between 2011 and 2012 and I honestly have no problem with that when it’s done so well.


pkelly94mp3: Hollow Pigeons – ME N U (CHEMISTRY)