Surp God – God

Surp God initially grabbed our attention for his light hearted raps that conveyed a wise beyond his years and a talent for song writing.  Although he’s been releasing demos and tracks on soundcloud nonstop for a while, God is definitely the most realized project he’s put out to date.  God demonstrates just how much producing know-how Surp has gained with the production taking front stage over his verses.  Experimenting with vocal effects and ambient textures, God sounds equal parts influenced by Houston chopped’n’screwed music and cloud rap with Surp rapping in a pitched-down voice if he’s rapping at all.  Shifting beating noisy walls of sound and soft, decaying drones, Surp God is working with the kind of experimental sonic pallets that are defining noise-rap groups like Clipping.  I definitely wasn’t expecting such radically experimental material on from Surp God and I will definitely keep bumping this on my headphones for a while.


pkelly94Surp God – God