Shvun Dxn x Myth Syzer – Stairway to Blackland

Parisian producer Myth Syzer may be miles away from the neon soaked streets of Miami but the distance hasn’t stopped him from collaborating with Florida natives Raider Klan.  Raider Klan is a constantly evolving group and honestly it’s hard to keep up with the many members, however, Shvun Dxn (Shaun Don) is an easy standout from the crew.  While most of the crew employ a flow indebted to the pacing of Three 6 Mafia, Shvun Dxn approaches most of these beats in a more traditional style with plenty of hooks and mantras.  As a result, Shvun Dxn is probably one of the only members of Raider Klan who I wouldn’t be surprised to find over a boom-bap beat but not because he sounds generic.  Instead, Myth Syzer’s atmosphere soaked beats (which don’t lean boom-bap) allow plenty of space for Shvun Dxn and the Raider features to present catchy hooks and ear worm inducing lines.  Despite sounding like just another don’t-give-a-fuck anthem, “Fuck you” is a clear standout with Shvun Dxn confidently striding over woozy synths and trap-styled percussion.  Considering the highly experimental nature of SGP’s recent releases, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stairway to Blackland served as a proper introduction to the world of Raider Klan and all things phonky.


pkelly94Shvun Dxn x Myth Syzer – Stairway to Blackland