Video: Sir E.U – The Third One

Ever since Odd Future blew onto the scene a few years back every skateboard loving, semi-rebellious kid has been inspired to start a hip-hop crew and luckily Sir E.U has that talent to stand out among the crowd.  As a member of Kool Klux Klan based out of D.C./Marylan, Sir E.U brings the same kind of youthful energy that we’ve been picking up from artists like DooF and Surp God.  Like a lot of up and coming rappers these days, Sir E.U doesn’t rap about selling crack or being a thug but throws out collages of pop culture references from Square Enix and Dragon Ball Z and witty observations.  Check out his freshly released mixtape FXCK2 which demonstrates a lot of potential that we’ll be looking out for.


pkelly94Video: Sir E.U – The Third One
  • Guy

    Their were tons of groups before Odd Future and the one who came after were just doing their thing not hopping on the bandwagon , odd future is over-rated as fuck + I have been listening to Kool Klux alot longer than Odd Future and Im from Canada FFs , SMH.

    • Guy

      Correction – There.

    • tccarr14

      yo you just typed “SMH”