Homeshake – The Homeshake Tape

One of my favorite surprise releases last year came from Montreal-based songwriter Mac DeMarco who’s album 2 sums up everything I’ve liked about indie rock in the past few years.  Considering how much I liked DeMarco’s two full-length releases last year, it’s not very surprising how much I’m digging the work coming from his touring guitarist Peter Sagar.  Under the moniker Homeshake, Sagar sounds like DeMarco’s more bored younger brother with compositions that sound personal and sweetly amateurish.  The Homeshake Tape is a 9 track collection of low-key jams that wouldn’t sound out of place on a 420 Loves Songs collection.  It’s hard not to imagine that Sagar could have come up with the bulk of these songs while messing around on his guitar on tour with DeMarco throughout last year.  Although Sagar doesn’t try and convey the same level of distinctive personality that DeMarco does, he offers a more laid back alternative to the same suburban musings finding a sweet balance somewhere between albums like 2 and Days.


pkelly94Homeshake – The Homeshake Tape