Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Bukkweat Bill

My Soundcloud feed is usually completely dominated by experimental instrumental music which is great, but every once in a while someone like Bukkweat Bill makes his way into it and I get really excited.  Bukkweat Bill’s abrasive flows, beats, and personality immediately stood out to me, not because it was something I hadn’t seen before, but because Bill was doing it so well.  Bukkweat Bill is far from being alone in making ignorant and heavily explicit rap, but he makes it with so much confidence that you can’t help but believe him that he’s better than any other rapper in his lane right now.  On “#D4MN” he opens by repetitively muttering a rap cliché almost incoherently and it works perfectly and on “Kelly Rollin” he drops lines aren’t groundbreaking but somehow are impossible not to repeat.  Bukkweat is also aligning himself with the right people as he just released a track with L.A. producer Djemba Djemba so I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a blog favorite within a few months.  Stream “#D4MN” below and “Kelly Rollin” (produced by Djemba Djemba) after the jump.


tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Bukkweat Bill