Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 17

It’s been a harrowing few days.  Lil’ Poopy apparently isn’t actually a part of Coke Boys, Lil’ Wayne is in the hospital in critical condition, and Waka Flocka got kicked out of Brick Squad.  Its days like these when all you can do is come home and huddle up with your beaties, the only entities in this world that truly understand you.  This time around we have an incredibly weird-in-a-good-way house-ish track from Baffin Nunavut, some riot inducing juke/footwork from Cake Dog AKA Ahnnu, a relaxing and intriguing cut from Leah Axel, a smooth collage from lee(fog hills) and finally a highly experimental blown out remix from naps.  Take shelter from this cruel world and stream all of these after the jump.

tccarr14Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 17