mp3: Yung Gutted – Triple Six

Although its getting more and more difficult to really get behind any new trap artists, Yung Gutted caught my attention right away.  Part of the incredible and diverse music scene at SUNY Purchase, (I won’t even list all of the artists because there are too many but just know that we have posted a lot of them) something about Yung Gutted’s music is exciting and fresh in a sea of artists trying to build around a similar template.  Making use of 808 kits with pitched kicks and chopped vocal samples, on the surface it may seem like Yung Gutted is using the same exact formula as lots of other artists, but he brings a new morbid aesthetic to it that doesn’t sound contrived at all.  “Triple Six” is a huge track driven by heavily distorted 808 kicks and decorated with twisted instrumentation straight out of a horror movie.  Its become nearly impossible for artists to stand out within the trap sub genre nowadays, so props to Yung Gutted for being able to.


tccarr14mp3: Yung Gutted – Triple Six