EP: Chrome Sparks – Sparks

As the beat music scene is gaining enough credibility to have terms like “god” and “prodigy” thrown around when referring to it, experimentation and differentiation within the scene is also growing.  One artist taking electronic music to cool new places is Chrome Sparks.  When I first heard Chrome Sparks’ break out track “Marijuana” a few months ago I obviously thought it was really cool, but wasn’t sure if I saw  a whole project coming together in the same style.  Fortunately, thats not what Chrome Sparks had in mind either.  Sparks is full of tracks that have much less pop appeal than “Marijuana”, but are much more interesting.  Presumably taking inspiration from more retro electronic artists than most do today, a lot of Sparks is characterized by hypnotic repetition.  Lately a lot of electronic music hasn’t been catching my interest, but this is a nice breath of fresh air.  Stream “Marijuana” and “Gates To Heaven” below, and the whole EP after the jump.


tccarr14EP: Chrome Sparks – Sparks