mp3: Andrea – Places (ft. Rejjie Snow)

Considering that his Fish & Chips and Rejovich mixtapes are still M.I.A., any new material from Rejjie Snow is something to get excited about.  A track from rising Parisian producer Andrea featuring Rejjie Snow is something to get very excited about.  Ever since his debut, Rejjie Snow has successfully moved past the comparisons to Odd Future and proved himself as a wholly unique, versatile and extremely talented rapper.  Allowing Andrea’s production to take front stage, Rejjie lays down a laid back almost whispered flow that he’s worked with before.  The result is a gorgeous, atmosphere heavy track that showcases the strengths of both artists.  Look out for Andrea’s Cruising EP later this year.


pkelly94mp3: Andrea – Places (ft. Rejjie Snow)