mp3: Sunless ’97 – Aurora I

From the rising popularity of house to hipsters really just liking to dance again, the influence of club music is becoming larger in the blogosphere.  Fittingly, electro-pop groups recently have been making a much appreciated move from chillwave and Postal Service inspired electronics to dancier, clubbier electronic influences.  Sunless ’97 bring those two worlds together expertly with their new track “Aurora I”.  While Sunless ’97 have always been more danceable than your average post-Passion Pit electro-pop group, “Aurora I” is easily their must club and house influenced track.  The sparse yet perfectly delivered vocals leave plenty of room for the groove to be the center of attention on this track.  Above all else, the defining feature of this track is how natural and effortless is seems for Sunless ’97.  Instead of coming off as a track trying to gain attention after the success of artists like AlunaGeorge, “Aurora I” comes across as a genuine growth from the group.


pkelly94mp3: Sunless ’97 – Aurora I
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