mp3: ;) WINK ;) – STRUT 89

So, it appears that Deep House is on the rise within the indie community, which kind of makes perfect sense, because it is mostly based around taking the most over-produced and over-emphasized elements that can make other types of house kind of hard to get into out.  There are a lot of artists doing this in an awesome way lately, and although Disclosure has kind of taken a less-than-honorable turn as of late, it looks like the genre might maintain its integrity yet.  One person doing Deep House right is mysterious producer  WINK.  “STRUT 89” has all of the hypnotic repetitiveness of other types of house with gorgeously produced synths.  On Soundcloud “STRUT 89” is tagged as “SPACEHOUSE” which although I’ve never heard of it, should definitely be a genre.  Its rare that a producer suddenly pops up on Soundcloud with an already extremely polished sound like this, so WINK is definitely worth keeping up with in the future.


tccarr14mp3: ;) WINK ;) – STRUT 89