Video: Impolite Society – The World

The hip-hop video norms these days usually doesn’t deviate too far from the rappers involved in the song walking around their city, looking swaggy and doing fun/hoodrat/typical stuff.  Impolite Society are some swaggy dudes, but, as we’ve learned from blog favorite Sidewalk Kal, they also aren’t just another hip-hop crew rapping about how swaggy they are.  In the video for their awesome single “The World”, Impolite Society don’t break away from the norm (let’s be honest these dudes are swaggin), however, they still deliver the same “different” personality that makes them one of the freshest crews in hip-hop right now.  In the video, the members of Impolite Society come across as normal if not still-cooler-than-you dudes.  As a result, the guys deliver their thought provoking and socially conscious lines with a fittingly effortless vibe.


pkelly94Video: Impolite Society – The World