Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: High Pop

Recently, Spencer Fox (the dude behind Slates and a contributor to our website) sent over a lot of music from SUNY bands he thought we should check out.  Although we’re still getting around to listening to all the great music (there’s a lot of good stuff), High Pop stuck out to me as an instant standout.  Hailing from our great and surprisingly filled with more great music than we ever though home state of Connecticut, High Pop are a group of friends making indie rock that is bursting with creativity and influences.  Last summer, the group put out the fantastic Hip Hip Hooray LP which strikes at the same nostalgically grungy and emotive sound that has been coming from a lot of great bands lately.  Tracks like “‘loner” mix sweet vocal harmonies with heavily distorted guitars like You’re Living All Over Me-era Dinosaur Jr. while tracks like “i wanna run with you” and “oh no” are perfectly out of tune skate punk rockers that references more recent acts like Wavves.  By the end of the LP, High Pop sound less like a band trying to create music in the shadow of established indie rockers and more like kids with a lot of ideas and enough talent to make those ideas into amazing music.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: High Pop