Video: LVL UP – Nightshade

LVL UP is a Purchase, NY-based band, including two members of Spook Houses.  When I wrote about Spook Houses’ Trying LP I wrote that one of the reasons I liked it so much was because of how much it reminded me of early 90’s indie such as Built To Spill.  LVL UP’s music, however, (especially “Nightshade”) channels the grunge vibes on the 90’s even more.  The song “Nightshade”‘s catchy chord progressions and shamelessly bold vocals hit me right in the same spot that songs I grew up listening to my older brother play like “Lithium” did and the amazing video emulates the ominously swallowing feeling of the song perfectly.  LVL UP’s extra worlds 7″ will be out on awesome young record label DOUBLE WHAMMY WHAMMY on April 6th.


tccarr14Video: LVL UP – Nightshade