EP: R.L. Kelly – Life’s A Bummer

Remember when I made that post last night where I said that I hoped R.L. Kelly would release her project soon?  Well, this morning I woke up to the pleasant surprise of R.L. Kelly having released this EP.  The EP, aptly titled Life’s A Bummer so far is definitely living up to my hopes.  Clocking in at just around 15 minutes in length, Life’s A Bummer has 7 fairly short tracks that all have the playful over-indulgence in melodrama that the title suggests.  As R.L. Kelly puts it; “sometimes life’s a bummer but it’s all good baby”, so listen to this.  Below is R.L. Kelly’s cover of an Alex G track, and after the jump you can stream the whole album.


tccarr14EP: R.L. Kelly – Life’s A Bummer