EP: Body Cheetah – Finger Prick

Just a little over a month after releasing his 19 track, experimental R&B filled Ten Thousand Thunders EP, Connecticut’s own Body Cheetah is blessing us with a new EP.  Finger Pricks EP manages to be more experimental than the admittedly oddball Ten Thousand Thunders EP while also being more concise, memorable and distinctly his own.  The biggest change on Finger Pricks is the addition of guitar on some tracks.  With his falsetto croon and guitar picking, moments on Finger Pricks such as the opener “Africanized” sound indebted to Bon Iver.  However, Body Cheetah still adds his own R&B-tinged flair to the material and the results end up sounding like a How to Dress Well and Bon Iver collaboration… just a lot better than that collaboration would undoubtedly be.  Stream my favorite tracks below and the entire EP after the jump.


pkelly94EP: Body Cheetah – Finger Prick