mp3: Shelf Nunny – Wave of Phases (ft. Holm)

In an interview with Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi, Bundick discusses that he has a distaste for how being able to see the soundcloud waveform can take away from a song.  Specifically, Chaz talks about always wanting to skip to what is clearly the loud exciting part of the song.  If Chaz were to listen to Shelf Nunny’s newest jam “Wave of Phases” he may end up listening to about one minute of it.  With the help of Holm, Shelf Nunny constructs a psychedelic grower that ambles along at it’s own pretty pace until exploding into shoegazy bliss at the end.  If I had skipped to the loud/exciting part, the track wouldn’t have had the same effect.  The key is patience here.  It pays off.


pkelly94mp3: Shelf Nunny – Wave of Phases (ft. Holm)