Video: Remy Banks – GLDCHN (Feat. Bodega Bamz) (Prod. PAFMilo)

A lot of people don’t remember but rap videos used to be fucking awesome.  Instead of just trying to make the rapper look cool and have a lot of video hoes, videos used to make rappers look cool, have a lot of video hoes, AND be hilariously exaggerated (think “Get Back” and a lot of other Ludacris videos).  That’s why I’m so thankful Remy Banks took it back to that time with this video.  This video follows a day in the life of some guy who has an affliction, which I’m sure many of us can relate to, wherein he gets too turnt up every time he listens to rap.  On top of all of this, the beat for this song is a complete monster courtesy of one of our Beaties regulars, PAFMilo who, if the beats on his Soundcloud page are any indication, is about to take over the entire rap game, and both New York MC’s, Remy Banks and Bodega Bamz, deliver solid verses.  All around good stuff.  Also shout out to Bodega Bamz for trying to revive the latino rap scene and pronouncing Versace like this.


tccarr14Video: Remy Banks – GLDCHN (Feat. Bodega Bamz) (Prod. PAFMilo)