mp3: Nangdo – Winter Sadness

For better or for worse, juke/footwork has yet to receive the same mainstream/EDM love as formerly underground genres such as house, dubstep and trap despite being conceived in Chicago during the early 90s.  That said, juke is growing ever more popular in today’s underground electronic scene with new producers such as LiL JaBBa and veterans like Traxman gaining buzz on the blogosphere.  Apparently juke has reached the Netherlands with the dutch producer Nangdo being the latest footwork artist to attract our attention.  “Winter Sadness” is an edit of a boogie track from Kool & the Gang that Nango has released as part of his Spirit of Juke collaboration with Duke Hugh.   The track begins slowly, with the vocals from the original left unedited before exploding into classic juke with plenty of ping-ponging drum machine loops and glitchy bass.


pkelly94mp3: Nangdo – Winter Sadness