EP: FTHRSN – middle school swag

Like most american middle schoolers, electronic bedroom pop producers have been in an awkward place for a little ever since bloggers gave the cold shoulder to chillwave.  Dedicated towards that awkward stage in our life and especially those dances we are all glad we’re done with, FTHRSN’s middle school swag EP breaths some new life into the dwindling bedroom pop craze.  The success of middle school swag stems from FTHRSN’s ability to float between recent buzz-trends without ever allowing himself to be tied down by them.  Production tends towards 808s heavy trap with singing that shows equal reverence towards 50s crooning and experimental r&b.  As a result, FTHRSN ends up working with an instantly distinctive sound that no amount of hyphens could accurately describe.  Sometimes the harder it is to write about music, the more I like it.  Stream my favorite two tracks below and the entire EP after the jump.


pkelly94EP: FTHRSN – middle school swag