mp3: Body Cheetah – Mudd Puddle

One of the most unique contributions we had to our Nutmeg State of Mind charity compilation was from CT native Body Cheetah with his track “Sylybelle”.  Body Cheetah managed to succeed at doing everything that I’ve always hoped to hear from alt-R&Ber How to Dress Well.  While Body Cheetah’s falsetto croon and r&b influenced songwriting will draw comparisons to Tom Krell’s outfit, Body Cheetah managed to be emotional without ever taking himself too seriously (something that I thought was the main flaw of How to Dress Well’s Total Loss).  “Mudd Puddle” represents one of Body Cheetah’s best realizations of that sound with oddball synths backing up his vivid story telling.  Although experimental r&b isn’t a new development in the indie-game, Body Cheetah has already established himself as one of my favorite artists to stem from the movement.  Discovering his music was one of the best results from releasing Nutmeg State of Mind.


pkelly94mp3: Body Cheetah – Mudd Puddle