Spook Houses – The “Trying” LP

I first heard of Spook Houses when I saw them open up for Real Estate in their hometown of Ridgewood, New Jersey at the beginning of last summer.  When I got home from that concert I promptly looked them up on the internet and found this album.  Since then, I have been returning to this album every other month or so, wondering why I haven’t posted it yet, so I’m finally posting it now.  The “Trying” LP consists of a collection of fairly lo-fi songs on the darker side that all show really strong songwriting, but what has really made it stand out to me lately are the vocals, which remind me of Built To Spill and their other 90’s comrades.  I’m getting the feeling that the indie world is right on the brink of a full-force 90’s nostalgia revival movement, and bands like Spook Houses have me eager to embrace it.  Stream my two favorite tracks below, and the whole album after the jump.


tccarr14Spook Houses – The “Trying” LP