EP: Yung Satan – Maserati

Out of all of the changing styles in M|O|D over the past year, one of the most exciting to watch in progress has been Yung Satan.  In the early stages of M|O|D’s work together Yung Satan stuck with a fairly distinct style of rapidly chopping samples to make melodic lines, but eventually started experimenting and moving away from it.  Over the course of late 2012 we saw Yung Satan mess around with a lot of different sounds, and now he is beginning to settle into one.  On PENG 003 Yung Satan contributed maybe his best track yet and is now releasing his first solo project in the form of an EP.  Maserati sees Yung Satan becoming comfortable among swelling, colorful, and melodic synths and vocal sample chops that recall his earlier style.  You can stream my favorite track off of the EP below and the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14EP: Yung Satan – Maserati