mp3: Astronaut Husband – Spatial

When I’m going through our email in search of some good new music, I honestly tend to start to look for things that wow me within the first few seconds.  Astronaut Husband did not do that.  Instead, Astronaut Husband opens up his new EP Supergiant Blues with the three minute slowburner “Spatial”.  Although I could have easily skipped through the song to see if the sparse instrumentation and shoegaze vibes developed into anything, “Spatial” held me down with beautiful atmospherics that don’t come from mediocre artists.  As the track develops, the pay off I was waiting for comes exactly how it should: slowly and quietly.  Supergiant Blues is full of similarly slow building tracks that have a distinctively folk and country influence that isn’t often heard in shoegaze.


pkelly94mp3: Astronaut Husband – Spatial