EP: Tuamie – Placebo

At the beginning of the year, your 2012 Beatie Master Tuamie has decided to grace the world with a brand new beat tape.  Placebo shows Tuamie sticking to what he does best; short, obscure samples, flipped with incredible finesse and looped for about 8 bars or so.  The beats are as dusty as ever with gritty kicks, snares, and hi hats that sound straight out of 1994 and for the most part are more melodic than on Tuamie’s past projects.  Tuamie’s vein of beatmaking, involving short beats that probably aren’t meant for rapping over, has not always been the most palatable or easy to get into, but Tuamie has stuck with it and is now getting more recognition than ever so commend that man for it.  Stream my two favorite beats below and the whole tape after the jump.


tccarr14EP: Tuamie – Placebo