Video: DSTVV – Molly Soda (ft. Keel Her)

When Sleigh Bells first came out, people were freaking out about the maxed-out, compressed, speaker-busting noise mixed with the deceptively sweet vocals.  I imagine that if more people laid their ears on DSTVV’s “Molly Soda” they’d have a similar reaction.  Although it may appear at first that DSTVV completely follows the lo-fi-as-fuck tradition of Wavves, “Molly Soda” works with dynamic extremes.  The verses quiet down with clear vocals and guitar strumming before exploding into the wall of fuzz chorus which is anchored down by some angelic vocals from Keel Her.  The video for “Molly Soda” will definitely draw more comparisons for these dudes towards slacker bands, however, I think there may be a bit more to DSTVV that we’ll hopefully get to hear soon.


pkelly94Video: DSTVV – Molly Soda (ft. Keel Her)