mp3: Julia Brown – Library

When I first heard Teen Suicide was breaking up, only a month or so after I had first gotten into them, I was a little bit down but fortunately two of the members of Teen Suicide, including lead singer Sam Ray, have helped start a new band.  According to the band’s facebook page, Julia Brown was intended to have the same pop melodies and vocals that Ray showed he was incredibly talented at making in Teen Suicide, without the over dramatization and heavy drug references.  Although I did like the melodrama of Teen Suicide, at the core what made me like their music so much was the songwriting.  I’m happy to say that so far Julia Brown seems to be exactly what I wanted.  For “Library” Ray strips away some of the over dramatization while still keeping things emotional and catchy as fuck.  The only difference between this and I will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body that I’m not completely on board with is the increased lo-fi-ness of this track, but hopefully it will grow on me because everything else about the track is so great.




tccarr14mp3: Julia Brown – Library