EP: The You Are Minez – Craft Singles

Last night I stumbled across one of the most exciting artists I’ve found in a while.  The You Are Minez are an awesome garage pop band that are great alone, but that isn’t what has me so excited.  The You Are Minez is the project of Canadian teen Jean Sebastien Audet who is one of the most prolific song writers you will come across.  As well as The You Are Minez, Audet is also the mastermind behind experimental pop band Faux Fur and blown-out garage project Darren Wantz, as well as producing and rapping under his moniker Zouk Fuck.  As far as I can tell, recording music is simply a way of life for Audet.  He even had a project this summer wherein if you emailed him asking for it, he would record an entire album for you and send it to you on a tape in the mail.  All of this would mean nothing though, if the music he was making wasn’t really good.  The You Are Minez have some of the catchiest riffs you will hear out of all of the similar projects across bandcamp, Faux Fur executes a post-punk style with ease, and Zouk Fuck has some of the craziest and most original beats you will hear anywhere.  You can stream my favorite track from Craft Singles below and the whole EP after the jump.


tccarr14EP: The You Are Minez – Craft Singles