mp3: Ghost Row – Curtain Call

Despite the lack of a rich hip-hop scene coming from Connecticut, Ghost Row continue to earn the title of CT’s finest with their newest track “Curtain Call”.  Ever since their first mixtape, Chef and Color Plus have only been getting better at melding their styles and Cheap Thrillz showed off an incredibly confident Chef with the ability to create effortlessly memorable hooks.  “Curtain Call” is another showcase for Chef as lyricist with an understated and ambient beat from Color Plus.  Chef doesn’t disappoint with plenty of witty lyricism and memorable lines: “trippy so the hippies be saying I’m far out”.  “Curtain Call” was recorded for our Newtown tribute compilation Nutmeg State of Mind and gives the indie-rock heavy listen a much appreciated hip-hop detour.  Listen, donate, spread the word.


pkelly94mp3: Ghost Row – Curtain Call