EP: M|O|D – PENG 003

And so arrives the bittersweet ending to M|O|D’s PENG series.  Fortunately, I think PENG 003 is the best of the trilogy.  On the first and second installments of the series, we saw each of the five producers begin to pick up new styles after moving beyond their trap roots, and on the third, we see them begin to perfect them.  Arnold’s new melodic club-influenced style is bigger and brighter than ever, Rewrote’s ridiculously fresh and eclectic new distortion-heavy sound is more impressive than ever, Yung Satan cleans up his early ’70s rock influenced sound, LiL’ TExAS crafts what is maybe the first futuristic strip club anthem, and C.Z. continues to come into his own as a U.K. garage producer.  For anyone who thought M|O|D would never successfully be able to escape the bastardized trap label, this should change your mind pretty quickly.  Stream my favorite tracks below, and the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14EP: M|O|D – PENG 003