mp3: Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (OSØ Remix)

To be completely honest, I would probably post any song with this album art, maybe without even listening to it, but this song is actually really good as well.  OSØ, who was nominated for our Beatie Master of the Year award, has been known to come through with some awesome remixes every once in a while, and this is one of them.  Lately the Oakland producer has been experimenting with 808 drums instead of his usual boom-bap samples, and in this remix it works really well.  The track starts with a melodic and dramatic chord progression for the chorus, and then progresses into an awesomely woozy synth line for the verses.  If you are getting tired of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything”, but want to keep shouting “POPPED A MOLLY, I’M SWEATIN” hopefully this remix will breathe new life into the phrase for you.


tccarr14mp3: Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (OSØ Remix)