Video: French Royalty – Daggers

Personally, I have never valued novelty and innovation in music over great songwriting and often find myself in a hipster existential crisis thinking that there are no new sounds and ideas in music.  Everything is recycled.  Sometimes, I feel like bands or artists go out of their way to make something completely new or novel and find themselves losing what makes listening to music so great and rewarding in the first place.  Yet sometimes, artists manage to find the perfect balance between complete abstraction and pop sensibilities with a resulting song that sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  “Daggers” from the outfit French Royalty (which I know nothing about at all – shouts out to Arnold for sending this along) is that once in a blogger’s blue moon track.  French Royalty flirt with abstract aspects of pop, hip-hop, post-dubstep and spoken word with a sound that manages to land on something concrete sounding both menacing and beautiful.  If French Royalty doesn’t become a household name in Brooklyn by the end of the year… I mean shoot.


pkelly94Video: French Royalty – Daggers
  • fstrsnow

    agreed – this track is sick. never heard anything like it before