mp3: Color Plus – Tentacle Headlock (ft. Joey Prolapse)

Over the course of 2012, Connecticut’s own Color Plus became one of our favorite young producers and is the beat maker behind CT’s finest hip-hop duo Ghost Row.  On his latest track “Tentacle Headlock”, Color Plus steps away from the ambient trap-tinged style that has defined his style for a murky synth led beat accented with howling wolves and 808s.  Appropriate for the stylistic detour, the track features UK’s “apocalyptic synth junkie” Joey Prolapse.  Prolapse’s flow conforms to the anxiety ridden vibe of the beat with a dead pan flow that hovers between absolute confidence and crazed lunacy.  The Final Fantasy 7 reference is only an added bonus.


pkelly94mp3: Color Plus – Tentacle Headlock (ft. Joey Prolapse)