mp3: RAJA Black – Peace

I’m glad to say that it appears that people are starting to take notice of Kingston/Brooklyn NY producer RAJA’s incredible and eclectic talent.  Although I’m not completely sure, from this track it looks as though RAJA and Brainfeeder spitter Jeremiah Jae are teaming up to make a project under the monicker RAJA Black.  Although I was a little underwhelmed by Jeremiah Jae’s debut album Raw Money Raps, I can’t think of one piece of material RAJA has released in the past year that I didn’t like, so no matter what I’ll have high hopes for this project.  Presumably the first track off of it, “Peace” does not disappoint.  RAJA provides a wonky, fairly erie, and wonderfully gritty beat and Jeremiah Jae sticks to his guns with a smooth flow, and some of his more polished lyricism; tinting classic rap clichés with the abstract.  I have no idea when this project is set to be released or if it even will be, but it is sure to be a doozy if it is.



tccarr14mp3: RAJA Black – Peace