mp3: Impolite Society – The World (prod. Zip)

Although we’ve been following Chicago-based rapper Sidewalk Kal for a while now, I’ve managed to be oblivious to Impolite Society.  Impolite Society is a five man hip-hop crew of producers and MCs including Sidewalk Kal, ELEE, Fess, Khalfani and Westley.  On the track “The World”, which was released right before the world didn’t end, Impolite Society demonstrate that they have the same old school leanings of Brooklyn’s Pro-Era.  The thing  that distinguishes them from Pro-Era and most other crews, however, is that every member of Impolite Society has clear talent (R.I.P. STEEZ though).  Kal has already demonstrated that he has incredible flexibility for beats and if they release more group material in 2013 there’s no reason why they can’t take Chicago.


pkelly94mp3: Impolite Society – The World (prod. Zip)