EP: Yung Satan – Maserati

Out of all of the changing styles in M|O|D over the past year, one of the most exciting to watch in progress has been Yung Satan.  In the early stages of M|O|D’s work together Yung Satan stuck with a fairly distinct style of rapidly chopping samples to make melodic lines, but eventually started experimenting and moving away from it.  Over the course of late 2012 we saw Yung Satan mess around with a lot of different sounds, and now he is beginning to settle into one.  On PENG 003 Yung Satan contributed maybe his best track yet and is now releasing his first solo project in the form of an EP.  Maserati sees Yung Satan becoming comfortable among swelling, colorful, and melodic synths and vocal sample chops that recall his earlier style.  You can stream my favorite track off of the EP below and the whole thing after the jump.


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mp3: Applescal – Spring and Life

Unless you wear a fedora and listen to The Lumineers all day, you’ve probably noticed that the popularity of house is on the rise following the bro-zation of trap.  Luckily there is no shortage of awesome electronic musicians these days and Dutch producer Appelscal (same dude behind Yoshiba 87) is prepping to release his anticipated Dreaming in Key in February.  ”Spring and Life” is the latest single to drop from that album and it finds 25 year old Pascal Terstappen working with a dark and murky club sound.  After building for over a minute, “Spring and Life” transforms into the poorly-lit warehouse rave soundtrack I was hoping for.  This past weekend I attended an EDM concert to see if their was any hope left for Baauer and while I came away incredibly disappointed (and with sore ears from all the airhorns), it’s great knowing hipsters will still find soundtracks to dance to in 2013.


EP: Walrus – Lamb Girl

Last I heard from Walrus, they were making delightfully out of tune indie-rock on their Sisters EP.  Walrus have made some fidelity improvements to their sound and more importantly upped their experimentation and ambition as well with these new tracks off a split cassette with Sheepman.  Walrus’ contribution to the cassette includes the psych-rocker “Sleep” that grows from acoustic strumming to a climactic guitar solo finale and the John Lennon-channeling “Space Tigers”.  It’s awesome to see that Walrus are rising to the potential that I thought I heard from their earlier music.


mp3: The Pink Teens – La La La La La La

Call me biased, but I knew I’d love this song before I pressed play.  ”La La La La La La” is the debut single from The Pink Teens a new project from Jolan Lewis the mastermind behind Temple Songs.  Although Temple Songs cleaned up their lo-fi sound a bit since I first found their music, The Pink Teens have Lewis returning to an endearingly amateurish recording sound.  Staying true to the promise of its name, “La La La La La La” is a straight forward and catchy romp unsurprisingly carried by a “la la” heavy chorus.  Although I definitely want to see lots more Temple Songs in 2013, I wouldn’t mind some of Lewis’ time spent towards The Pink Teens either.


mp3: Zouk Fuck – Cheech Chong

When Terence managed to stumble upon the music of Jean Sebastien Audet (seriously how’d you find that? you’re my hero, Terence) I was most intrigued by the lo-fi rap project Zouk Fuck.  Although my first introduction to Zouk Fuck was an incredibly unique and distinctive track, I wasn’t sure how Audet would continue to grow and evolve the project.  Not surprisingly, his newest track (and collection of singles so far) demonstrate that Audet handles Zouk Fuck with the same kind of effortless, oddball genius that makes his other projects so great.  ”Cheech Chong” finds Audet rapping with no effects or pitch-shifting putting the focus on his interesting and wit heavy flows over a beat sampling Toro y Moi’s “You Hid”.  Have I included enough links in this post?


mp3: Chef the Chef – Fancy Clown

It’s no secret that Madvillainy is one of the most highly regarded releases in abstract and underground hip-hop and something that has left an incredible mark on the face of hip-hop today.  On that perfect album, my favorite track has always been “Fancy Clown” so I was honestly skeptical when I saw that Ghost Row spitter Chef the Chef was taking on the beat.  I’m happy that I can say that Chef handles the beat exactly how he should, with reverence for the original and a lightheartedness to let listeners know that he isn’t trying to challenge MF DOOM’s (as Viktor Vauhgn) original verse either.  Listen, donate, spread the word.


mp3: Au.Ra – Morning

Our first introduction to Australian psych-rock group Au.Ra demonstrated a group with a lot of potential and great songwriting talent.  Their newest single is the decidedly more rock sounding “Morning” which drives through it’s five minutes with a consistent punk-influenced drum beat.  While “Sun” stems from the warm, synth heavy side of psych-rock that we might expect from a group like Tame Impala, “Morning” recalls Deerhunter with plenty of guitar distortion and manipulation lacing and carrying the entire song.  Au.Ra is definitely a name to watch out for.