Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: A Beacon School

Back in 2008, like most aspiring hipsters of my generation, I was obsessed with a brand of high energy indie rock led by artists such as Tokyo Police Club, Vampire Weekend and Born Ruffians.  The first concert I ever attended was at a local teen center in the neighboring town which featured high school bands Midi & the Modern Dance and the Seascape.  Although both bands found the inevitable end that faces most high school groups, both bands left their mark on my music taste and education.  Patrcik Smith, the guitarist from the Seascape, just put out a new EP with his band A Beacon School and it manages to capture all the same energy of indie rock circa 2008 without ever getting bogged down in nostalgia or influences.  Much like Teen Suicide did for emo-punk on their EP earlier this year, A Beacon School manages to recapture all that made me love indie rock in the first place without sounding tired or overdone.  Most of the success is due to Smith’s highly melodic and versatile guitar playing which bends and evolves dynamically throughout each track.  This definitely has me wanting to listen through some older Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians again.  Stream my favorite tracks below and the entire EP after the jump.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: A Beacon School