EP: Myth Syzer – Hyt

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for any new material from French producer Myth Syzer ever since hearing what has since become easily one of my favorite rap beats of the year, his collaboration with Loveni.  Since then, Myth Syzer has not disappointed, continuing to put out daring beats that consistently deny categorization.  Sometimes he chooses synths as the main instrumentation for his beats, other times he uses contorted samples that I can’t even begin to identify, and it always works.  For the first full project I have heard from Syzer, the producer keeps up his winning streak with heavy but smooth experimentation that pushes hip-hop’s boundaries as a genre while never forgetting what has made it so great in the past.  Hopefully more rappers take notice of this, because there are a lot of people I would like to hear over these beats.  Listen to the preview above and then link to stream and download the whole EP below.



tccarr14EP: Myth Syzer – Hyt