Eat Your Beaties Awards: 2012

We’ve made a lot of big changes through the last year.  We switched over to self-hosting, designed a custom layout, interviewed a lot of cool people, listened to a lot of good music, and, most importantly, ate a lot of beaties.  Inspired by the exploding beat scene that developed on soundcloud over the past year, we started putting out a collection of some of the best damn beaties out there regardless of the blood, sweat, and tears spilled to find them.  We started the feature when we realized that it would take us longer to write about the tracks than it would take for someone to listen to them, however, we still managed to accumulate a collection of some especially noteworthy beaties.  So we’ve decided to honor those special beaties with our first ever Eat Your Beaties Awards.  Put on something nice and enjoy the ceremonies after the jump.

Most Rachet Award


C.Z. – Doin’ What I Do

Khris P Kreme – Echoes



Most Wavy Award


Treekeeper – Tropicale

Solice – Dirty Knees

Roku – Bran New Love


4 Ur Girlfren Award


Selaone – meant to be

Dailon – Luv U Right

Poptart Pete – NoFapOctober


U Crazy For This One Award


Acemo – Surge

Andy Ongulous – 1238128983224098radioscanbump0129380129847

LDFD – Jazz Jackrabbit


The Real 2 Me Award


MNDSGN – Chowdr

Mike Creeps – Cosmic Dream

Knxwledge – Hail [$100nightmare]


The Count Beatula award presented to the beatie that most exemplifies the life and times of Count Beatula:


Hanz – TrunkBiscuit

Jeremiah Jae – Road To Heaven

Ahnnu – ◌ᵔᵔ≐‰◌ᵔ◌ᵔᵔ≐‰◌ᵔ◌ᵔᵔ≐‰◌ᵔ


The Boom Bappiest Award


ahwlee – Queens (cholita)

OSØ – 273 Ashy Lips and Quick Flips

ebe and swan – streets


Beatie Master Award


Poptart Pete







Although NVTHLSS put up a good fight with his huge collection of Parissian style beats, Tuamie ultimately came out on top for his magic loop slinging style of beat making.  To be completely honest, trying to find a way to post Tuamie’s music was one of the reasons we started Eat Your Beaties.  Capturing a sense of awe and fun, Tuamie makes listening to his tracks like opening a present; we never know what to expect and are always amazed.  I’m not sure what 2013 has in store for Tuamie as he continues to evolve as a beat maker and producer, however, we’re proud to award Tuamie the title of Beaties Master 2012.

Beatie of the Year Award


Slime – Crown

HYDRABADD – Hologram Wrists

Tuamie x Poptart Pete – The Water Underneath

αtμ – September Nights

Krusht – ORO


Tuamie x Poptart Pete – Water Underneath:

The fact alone that Tuamie (a.k.a. Sound Master T a.k.a. Beaties Master 2012) came together on a collaboration with Poptart Pete (a.k.a. Jamal Smith a.k.a. Guru of Life) is honestly proof enough that a hipster god exists, however, the collaboration is not a throwaway novelty.  “Water Underneath” encapsulates everything that is so great about Tuamie and Poptart Pete’s distinct production styles in a compact package, exemplifying the quintessential beatie.  “Water Underneath” stands on its own as a track that doesn’t need to be any longer or feature any vocals.  Instead, “Water Underneath” taps into a perfect vibe and rides it out for one and a half flawless minutes… until I can hit the replay button again.

-The Up-Turn

pkelly94Eat Your Beaties Awards: 2012