mp3: ThisisDA – Trill

When I saw that UK rapper ThisisDA put out a new track entitled “Trill” I was wondering if he was hopping on the swag/trap trend that has essentially taken over hip-hop recently.  Thankfully, “Trill” doesn’t have ThisisDA changing his sound to become a trendier rapper but instead is a quick-fire burst that has ThisisDA rapper at his most aggressive and captivating yet.  The Nugsy Bogues produced beat is a familiar platform for ThisisDA, who has already demonstrated a preference for orchestral and big-band sounds, so he wastes no time in tearing the beat apart in under 2 minutes.  Despite the short length, “Trill” demonstrates that ThisisDA is living up to the potential I was hoping from him and that he has no plans to stop anytime soon.


pkelly94mp3: ThisisDA – Trill