mp3: Clu – Moonrunner (ft. Gemma Dunlovely)

Dublin isn’t a city know for a rich, underground music scene, however, a few notable producers through this past year have really begun to put the city in our attention.  Dublin natives  MMOTHS, KaraKara and Simon Bird have all brought their own brand of distinctly awesome electronic production and the newest Dublin-based group to catch my attention is Clu.  I don’t know if the city has impacted all the artists in similar ways, however, Clu demonstrate a similar knack for placing gorgeous vocals over dark, atmospheric and moody instrumentals in a way that seems detached from many of the other music trends developing right now.  “Moonrunner” takes the beautifully manipulated vocals of Gemma Dunlovely and places them over a dense beat that slowly warps and develops throughout the track.  The result is a moonlit, sensual stunner that I can’t seem to put down.  Definitely something that’d be perfect to soundtrack the meteor shower later tonight.


pkelly94mp3: Clu – Moonrunner (ft. Gemma Dunlovely)