mp3: Au.Ra – Sun

Hailing from the same continent that delivered my favorite psych-rock album of the year, Au.Ra are an Australian bedroom-rock group that are experimenting with the same sort of drug induced bliss that Tame Impala are so good at.  Shimmering with tropical-tinged guitars, “Sun” sets some pretty lofty standards as the group’s first release.  Although everything is drowned in sweet, reverby goodness, the guitars and bass melodies shine through demonstrating the groups’ technical chops.  What really makes this song stand out is the way Au.Ra build “Sun” lyrically around the idea of home recalling bands like Real Estate and DIIV.  Au.Ra is already making their rounds around the blogosphere and with tracks like “Sun” they’re set to be a 2k13 buzz band to get all buzzed about.


pkelly94mp3: Au.Ra – Sun