mp3: Sidewalk Kal – BLEU (Prod. Color Plus)

Color Plus is no stranger to producing instrumentals for rappers, that’s his role in Ghost Row which has consistently been putting out great tracks, but Color Plus’ beats in the project differed from his solo work.  To fit Chef’s style in Ghost Row, Color Plus toned pack the heavy atmospherics of his work on Cerulean Dream and it worked really well, but for a Sidewalk Kal, a rapper who seems to have an affinity for experimental beats, Color Plus decided to bring the ambience back.  The beat for “BLEU” has heavily reverbed and manipulated guitar strumming that recalls tracks like “Only.You” and Kal’s relatively energetic vocals sit on top of it perfectly, adding to the beautiful contrast in energy Color Plus likes to create between his drum tracks and his instrumentation.  Over the past few weeks Sidewalk Kal has been releasing tracks prolifically featuring beats from some of the best beatmakers on Soundcloud, and I don’t know if he’s planning on putting them all into one project or not, but for now its definitely worth it to follow his Soundcloud Page.


tccarr14mp3: Sidewalk Kal – BLEU (Prod. Color Plus)