mp3: KaraKara – Hey Now/Hey Now

Our first introduction to the music of KaraKara was his Avalanches-channeling Bully EP which was made all the more impressive by the fact that it was recorded all during one sitting.  KaraKara has been spending more time on his upcoming BT/RN EP and “Hey Now/Hey Now” is our first taste of the release.  Continuing his blend of Avalanches inspired plunderphonics and drum and bass music, “Hey Now/Hey Now” demonstrated how much KaraKara has progressed as a music producer.  Opening up with an orchestra of ping-ponging synths and drums, KaraKara progresses the track from the perfect a-ha pop moment when the Crowded House chorus hits into a distorted and footwork inspired closer.  All in this one track, KaraKara manages to work within a handful of distinct styles with incredible energy and technical skill.  If “Hey Now/Hey Now” is any indication, BT/RN is going to be a great release.


pkelly94mp3: KaraKara – Hey Now/Hey Now