mp3: Broke/ & Repeat Pattern – At the end of the day

When it comes to origin stories, emcee/producer Broke/ has something worthy of a Stan Lee graphic novel.  According to Cascade Records, after a traumatic Cirque Du Soleil fire accident, 10 year old Broke/ was left mentally scared from his promising beat boxing career and music in general.  After a few years, Broke/ returned to music as a producer and rapper and has been steadily building up a soundcloud fan base for a while now.  It’s been hard to keep track of Broke/’s music (he tends to take his streams down after a few days) but he is prepping a physical release with producer Repeat Pattern later this month. “At the end of the day” is the first single from their Badminton Club 12″ which has Broke/ confidently vibing over Repeat Pattern’s jittery, old school beat.  Even though Broke/ is a relatively young rapper, he raps with the presence and implied wisdom of a respected elder.


pkelly94mp3: Broke/ & Repeat Pattern – At the end of the day