Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Tay Devenny & Spacedtime

It’s hard to predict now exactly what is going to become of the dwindling cloud-rap trend, however, a few young artists have been breathing new life into the genre recently.  Much like Khalil Nova, Tay Devenny and producer Spacedtime are taking the ideas of cloud-rap in a very interesting and fresh direction.  While Khalil Nova was breaking down cloud-rap to it’s most lo-fi, raw and hypnotic, Tay Devenny and Spacedtime are working with a much more cinematic and sensually atmospheric sound marked by crisp and jazzy production.  Across their Obulous mixtape, Tay Devenny displays an incredible knack for telling vivid stories demonstrating that there actually is a place for a straight-forwardly emotional rapper in the game.  Tracks like “The Melody” and “Run It” show off that Tay Devenny can be melodic with over gorgeously lo-fi instrumentals while “LCN” has him rapping confidently over an old school styled boom-bap beat.  Spacedtime gave the production on Obulous a light dust coat and it often sounds like Tay Devenny is rapping from a few chairs over in a poorly lit, cigar smoke filled bar.  Tay Devenny and Spacedtime captured something awesome with Obulous and I have no doubt that they’ll only keep getting better into next year.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Tay Devenny & Spacedtime