EP: Elvis Depressedly – hotter sadness

I hope there never comes a period in my life when I’m too happy or mature to listen to a band called “Elvis Depressedly”.  The name Elvis Depressedly, aside from being a fantastic pun, describes the South Carolina three-piece’s music perfectly.  hotter sadness is an EP comprised of good ole’ rock n’ roll songs with a haze of early-emo depression and lo-fi equipment floating throughout them.  Aside from strong songwriting, what makes this EP so great is its avoidance of the pitfalls of many emo bands.  Although the main objective of emo music is often to over-indulge in sadness, if an artist goes too far with that sentiment it can often come across as just whiny.  The tracks on hotter sadness rarely extend past the 2-minute mark, and often match melodramatic lyrics with up-beat rhythms and chord progressions to reach an emo sweet-spot.  Stream my favorite track from the EP below and the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14EP: Elvis Depressedly – hotter sadness