mp3: Simon Bird – Baltimore Drowning

With an increasing amount of talent to show, Dublin is quickly becoming a haven for forward thinking electronic music producers and artists.  The newest producer to catch out attention is Simon Bird who just released his Sport LP for a “name your price” on bandcamp.  The album is an ambitious collection of 7 tracks ranging from over 4 minutes all the way to 12 minutes of unpredictable electronic grooves, progressions and noise.  Bird admits that he favors drone and ambient music and that preference comes through in an completely unique and unexpectedly bright way on “Baltimore Drowning”.  Opening up with some abrasive noise, “Baltimore Drowning” quickly develops into a colorful collage of instrumental loops, boom-bap drums and oddball synths.  It’s hard to guess where the song is going to end up throughout its eight minutes and Bird rarely lets a dull moment find its way into the mix.  As a first impression, “Baltimore Drowning” left me wanting more and luckily with Sport we have 50 more minutes of blissfully bizarre material.


pkelly94mp3: Simon Bird – Baltimore Drowning